Our Story

 Natural Fiber Nepal is a Kathmandu based company and was established by Santosh Karki. At the tender age of 12 he came to Kathmandu in 1998. After completion of his intermediate level studies he went to Rolpa for 6 months basic training on Natural fiber. He didn’t plan to set up a company at that time, but he took the training for the job.Then he was inspired and helped himself to work on this field. Then began promotion of products from other entrepreneurs.

Along with the promotion he began to take care of the quality and packaging of the product. To actively promote natural fibers he thought of attempting to open his own company so he became the member of the cottage and small industries. And after that he received an opportunity to connect with the entrepreneurs of cottage and small industries from 75 zones of Nepal.

That is how he actually started the company in 2011. The company handles natural fibers such as nettle, hemp, pineapple, sisal, bamboo, banana, cotton, jute, etc and operates in chain system. The products from threads to finished goods are therefore taken care of by the company itself.


About company

Natural Fiber Nepal Pvt. Ltd is a social enterprise that networks almost all entrepreneurs involved in natural fiber business throughout Nepal. The company has two dedicated production centers in Kathmandu and two outsourced weaving centers. In addition to regular production lots, these centers develop sample pieces and catalogs for mass production to send to rural entrepreneurs. In one of our dedicated production centers at our headquarters, we regularly train  women in weaving, hand stitching, knotting, knitting and basic and advanced customization and stitching to make our work gender sensitive.

Our Mission

The company’s real agenda is to create green jobs at local level to support local people’s livelihood; for this purpose, the company outsources its production process at different scales in the value chain, from the collection of natural fiber to the marketing of consumer goods.


Our vision

We envision in offering a range of skills and materials that can be combine to produce high quality products.



We are currently specializing in hand weaving, hand knotting, crochet and other hand knitting  skills using nettle fibers, hemp, pineapple, sisal, bamboo, banana, cotton, jute,  etc.

We supply hand woven fabrics of natural fibers and apparel and other natural fiber products that are environmentally friendly. Rural workers and craftsmen have a long history of creating beautiful and unique products using traditional skills and local materials throughout the developing world such as Nepal.

They manufacture lifestyle products for retailers and buyers around the world. We nurture strong brands of such craftsmen using their skills and materials and provide global customers with confidence and ease in using these products. We manage a distributed and decentralized production and supply chain model that ensures quality products and timely delivery.In order to manage this supply chain model efficiently and efficiently, we have collected and developed the necessary technological and managerial capacity.

Besides, selling our products, we also have been focusing on charity events. The charities include providing free education and health facilities to the school in Khotang. We help our staffs who have social and economic disadvantages by contributing 10% of our profits for the basic necessities and education of their children. Also, we put a focus on helping underprivileged women find financial independence by providing tailoring and self-employment skills. We try to develop a vision for change that will make a significant difference in their lives.