Yoga Mat Bag

Natural Fiber Nepal Pvt. Ltd is a social enterprise, manufacturer, wholesale and exporter of hand woven fabrics of natural fibers and apparel and other natural fiber products that are environmentally friendly. We offer various types garments, bags and accessories that are entirely hand-made. We can also design the product for your satisfaction in accordance with your specification and customization but the order volume must not be less than 15 pieces in single design.



Materials: Yoga Mat bag is designed to give you the most comfortable yoga experience possible. It is handmade by local Nepalese craftsmen in Nepal and made from sustainable durable hemp and a cotton. 

Features:This casual, multi – compartment bag is a unisex design with drawstring closure for easy access and flexible storage. It has straps that can be adjusted to the shoulder. It also has small pocket inside and outside for functional use.

Color: Off-white


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